Best Places to taste some delicious waffles near you!

Waffles are not just yet another breakfast food just like bread. They are always one step ahead in terms of usage and expectations. They may not be very versatile like breads, though they are closing in,  they make up with the combinations they take up and the several flavors they start to come in like Chocolate and even fruits. 

Here are some great restaurants serving great waffles just for you!

Waffle House – multiple locations

The big daddy of the Waffles restaurants, with locations almost in every state, waffles just can’t go wrong when it comes to the taste and presentation. You can pretty much make your own waffle with several combinations and still enjoy each one of them. Belgian waffles are some of the most loved ones.

Visit here for Waffle house menu

Chicago Waffles – Illinois (multiple locations)

Creativity is only limited by the creator when it comes to different flavors of waffles. In fact, this holds true to anything you create. When it comes to waffles though, can you just imagine how a Green tea waffle tastes like? Made with Matcha Green tea and topped with whipped cream and ground pistachios, the Green Tea waffles from Chicago Waffles are a must try, if you haven’t.


The fresh ingredients are a point of pride for Cafe Zupas. It’s a good spot for a quick bite, but it eliminates the guilt that comes with most quick-stop food. Additionally, it cooks its own soups on-site, bakes own ciabatta bread every day, and manufactures sweets in its kitchen. Overall, the Zupas menu is delectable and something you shouldn’t miss.

More on Zupas menu

Omelet & Waffle Cafe – Michigan

Who said stuffed waffles can’t be prepared? Omelet and Waffle Cafe did just that and how. You can pretty much stuff anything in the waffles and have a go at them. Just imagine having a banana and strawberry stuffed in the little boxes of the waffles, also served with chocolate and syrup. I can’t hold it anymore. I am drooling!

Waffles & Dinges – New York

Authentic Belgian waffles! You also get bigger packs of waffles with normal size and mini waffles accompanied by several spreads and condiments like chocolate syrup and fudge. 

Have you heard about their Baconana that comes with Bacons, Bananas and chocolate fudge topped on the waffles? Do yourself a favor and try it now.

Waffle Champion – Oklahoma

If you want to build your waffle by yourself, go to Waffle Champion. You can decide on the ingredients that need to go into the waffles and also the toppings that will serve up in your presentation. Sweet, spicy or whatever flavor you like, you can make them in your waffles.